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It’s Our Denim Now

Problem: Denim is consistently a huge seller for Gap, an area of innovation and differentiation for the brand. Purchasing denim seemed like a great place to reward loyal customers.

Solution: Havas developed Denim Addict – a secret(ish) section in the app that records when a customer buys a piece of denim. Every pair of jeans purchased gets a digital stamp to add to their in-app card. And, when a customer receives five stamps, they get the sixth pair of jeans for free.

It also gave Gap the opportunity to understand who its most valuable customers are, who’s shopping, what for and how often.

Client: Gao
Agency: Havas helia
Role: Senior Designer – UX Jon McWee

The visual identity had to feel part of existing Gap+ app, utilising textures and layering, bringing in details like stitching and rivets, along with clear typography.

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