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Pets at Home Nestle

Problem: Pet owners that have a senior cat (aged 7+ years) who are already a member of the VIP club. What they probably don’t know is that senior cats need food specially designed for them. Once they get their cat onto an adult food they eat, they’ve probably just stuck with it. So how do Pets at Home get them to try a new range of food made for senior cats?

Solution: Havas created an email inviting them to participate in a gamified activity, resulting in a voucher for a discount on the Purina range, food that is specially created for senior cats. By ensuring the game is fun, we educated the customer with useful information, through some simple multiple-choice questions. Playing on the idea that senior cats sleep all day, we developed the main character whose aim is to catch the golden clockwork mouse. The main cat illustration interacted with the user, depending on the time taken, incorrect or correct answers etc.

Client: Pets at Home, Nestle Purina
Agency: Havas helia
Role: Senior Designer & Creative lead
 – Animation Mark Clarkson and Alex Barnet

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