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Premier Inn:
Business Booker

Problem: Premier Inn wanted to increase the number of companies signing up for their Business account.


Solution: Utilising booking data, I created an end of year review email, served up as a delicious knickerbocker glory. The illustrations perfectly encapsulate what the business is about, celebrating customers' stays through a fun and engaging way. Fundamentally enticing users to sign up to the Business Booker and save themselves more in the future and reap the rewards. Tasty.

Implementation: This email used huge amounts of data and dynamic content from accounts that had been booked in the past. A total number of bookings, playing on the company slogan of a guaranteed good night's sleep, even the amount of bedsprings and breakfasts eaten.

Client: Premier Inn

Agency: Havas helia
Role: Senior Designer & Illustrator

A collection of various illustrations and designs for Premier Inn, ranging from emails, to greetings cards.

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